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Six Ways Home Care Can Assist Your Senior Parents Living Alone

Like many seniors, your parents live alone. They don’t want to move to a senior community or complex. They want to remain independent in the neighborhood or town they know and love. They don’t have to move. Today’s elderly care services make it easy for them to remain at home and have a helping hand from time to time.

When your parents live alone, there are services that help them remain independent. Talk to them about these six elderly care services.

Assistance With Personal Care, Hygiene, and Grooming

As your parents age or after a chronic condition is diagnosed, your parents may not be able to keep up with personal care, hygiene, or grooming. Arthritis in the fingers makes it hard to floss teeth, brush and style hair, and button shirts and pants.

Your parents may find it hard to safely get in and out of a bath/shower combo when balance issues are present. It may be too challenging to bend over to trim toenails. Caregivers can help with all of these personal care and grooming needs.


Living alone does have older adults going days or weeks without talking to someone else. If your parents don’t have neighbors nearby and can’t drive, they may not have a chance to socialize. If your mom or dad is a widow/widower, loneliness is common.

Elderly care aides can show up once a week or several times a week. They can play games with your parents, play puzzles with your parents, or take them out to a senior center for social events and activities.


If your mom and dad struggle to use a bulky vacuum, have a hard time mopping floors, or can’t keep up with dishes, have a caregiver do it. Caregivers can sanitize hard surfaces, dust, clean floors, and tidy up clutter.


Changing sheets and towels each week may be too much for your parents to manage, but it doesn’t have to be. Caregivers can stop by, strip the bed, make the bed with clean sheets, and do the laundry. Everything gets folded and put away after its dry.

Meal Preparation

For parents who cannot cook meals, caregivers can. They can work with your parents to create a weekly menu, build the shopping list, and shop for groceries online or in the store. They can go shopping alone or bring your parents.


If your parents no longer drive due to worsening eyesight or a chronic health condition, let caregivers drive them to stores, businesses, medical offices, senior centers, and more. Call an elderly care agency to schedule caregivers.

If you or an aging loved one is considering elderly care in Sedalia, CO, please contact the caring staff at SYNERGY HomeCare today at 303-953-9924.