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The Best Ways for Your Parents to Unwind When They Can't Leave the House

While the federal government recommended staying home until the end of April, some states have extended those orders until mid-May. After weeks of staying isolated from friends and family members, your parents may be getting stressed. What are the best ways for them to unwind during the pandemic?

Stay Active

Make sure your parents have things to do. Hobbies they’ve loved in the past, like knitting, needlepoint or painting, will give them things to do. They may want to use this time to discover a new hobby. It’s a good time to try out a new video game, play board games, or do puzzles.

If your mom and dad like to bake, order the supplies online for them and start making homemade bread, cookies, and other baked goods. Some food shelves will take homemade bread. Otherwise, they can fill their freezer.

Many State Parks Are Still Open

While your parents still need to keep a six-foot distance from others, they don’t have to stay in their house. Check the hours and schedules, but some state parks are open and inviting people to get out and use the trails. If there’s a trail that suits your parents’ fitness level, they should go for walks.

If there are no parks nearby that are open, your parents can walk around their neighborhood. Again, they just need to keep the six-foot gap. A home care provider can help a senior take regular walks in a safe and supported way, while also helping them keep their distance. If they feel safer wearing a mask while they’re outside, that’s okay too.

Catch Up on Reading

Now is a great time to catch up on reading. Libraries are making online digital book loans possible. They can read the e-books on their computer or an e-reader. They can access sites like BookBub to get free books.

Amazon Prime has a free e-book program for its members called First Reads. If you’re not a Prime member, First Reads allows you to choose one new e-book per month for a couple of dollars. Some authors are also making digital copies of their books available for free.

How do you make sure your parents are safe and have all they need during the pandemic? If you are unable to go to them because of the virus or distance, caregivers may be the best solution. You can have caregivers cook their meals, clean and disinfect their home, and help them with personal care. Caregivers help them stay safe, calm, and well. Call a representative to schedule home care.

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