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What Can You Do When Your Senior’s Needs Start to Change?

​Your elderly family member doesn’t remain static. Her needs can change, sometimes overnight, and if you’re not prepared for even the smallest changes this can all throw you way off balance as her caregiver. But if you take a more proactive approach, you may just find that it’s easier for both of you to weather the big changes when they arrive.

Open up a Conversation with Your Senior

Whatever it is that you’ve noticed and that has started to make you wonder about your senior’s needs is something you need to talk about with her. Your perception of that situation is necessarily different than your elderly family member’s one point of view, so talking about it at least brings the topic out into the open. If you’re way off base, this conversation gives you a chance to see how.

Loop in Your Senior’s Doctor

Your senior’s doctor is an excellent resource, especially if it turns out that the changes you were seeing weren’t something you were imagining. Chronic health issues or new health issues could be at play. It always makes sense to talk to your elderly family member’s doctor about what is going on and about what can be done to make life easier and better for your senior.

Safety Sweeps Can Be a Helpful Tool

Whenever your senior is experiencing new challenges, it’s important to look at the safety ramifications as soon as possible. That might mean that you’re addressing issues from the past as well as new ones, too. Maintenance needs pile up again and household chores don’t wait for your senior to feel better. Addressing as much as you can as quickly as possible can be the key to helping your senior to be as safe as possible now.

Consider Hiring Home Care Now

Your elderly family member may not need a lot of extra help now, but the changing needs she’s experiencing can mean that you are having to switch directions more rapidly than you expected you would need to. That’s where home care providers can make a huge difference immediately for your senior and in the long run for you. Hiring them now can help you to deal with other changes as they crop up, too.

As much as you prepare to assist your senior, there are still changes that can catch you by surprise. It’s all something you can adjust to, but you’ll need to be proactive about the situation rather than reactive as much as possible.

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