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Five Ways to Cope with an Uncooperative Senior

​Your senior might find it a lot easier to be uncooperative with you than with anyone else she encounters. There are a lot of reasons for this, but you’re still going to have to find a way through this stage you’re in as a caregiver.

Try to Avoid Arguments and Fighting, if Possible

The very first coping mechanism you want to embrace is avoiding being coaxed or goaded into arguments. If you can avoid fighting at all, that’s a good thing. You and your senior don’t really want to be fighting. There’s more going on behind all of this and the uncooperative behavior is more a symptom than the actual problem.

Take a Deep Breath and Remember Patience

One of the ways you can calm yourself and help to avoid fighting with your senior is to remember that you’re trying to be as patient as possible. Take several deep breaths and dig into that well of patience that exists in everyone. You’re going to need to take a firm hold on that patience and remember that you’re trying to help, not fight.

Remember She’s Got a Lot Going On

You might not realize this, but there’s a lot going on for your senior right now. She’s dealing with a lot of changes, including needing more help from you and from other people, like elder care providers. This can be really difficult to accept, especially when that’s combined with health changes, cognitive changes, and changes in what she’s able to do.

This Isn’t About You

From that standpoint, you have to keep reminding yourself that this is not about you. When your senior tries to make this personal and says mean things, that still isn’t really about you. You’re a convenient target because you’re right there with her through everything she’s going through.

Open up a Conversation with Her Doctor

You should also make sure that you do talk with your senior’s doctor about what’s going on. There may be other factors, like medication side effects and worsening health conditions, that are making it difficult for your senior to be more cooperative. Ruling out medical causes can help your senior immensely.

When you’re having a tough time working things out with your senior, everything might feel impossible. Do what you can to remain compassionate and help in the ways she’ll allow you to help. You may find that’s what eventually helps you both to get to the other side.

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