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Can You Be a Caregiver from Far Away?

​Sometimes becoming a caregiver happens when you least expect it or when you’re least able to pick up the slack in the ways that you always thought that you would. Even if you and your senior live far away from each other, there are still ways for you to be a huge source of support for her.

You May Both Need to Adjust in a Variety of Ways

This can come as a shock to both you and to your aging adult. It’s tough for her to acknowledge that her health has changed and that she needs help. In your case, you might have realized this would happen at some point, but the timing may catch you off guard. You’ve built a life where you are, and that’s not something that’s easy for you to uproot.

Get Clear about What Her Needs Are

It really helps when you fully understand what your senior needs from you. Sometimes what she might need more than anything else is someone to listen when she’s feeling upset or unsure. Or she may need some more solid help in the form of someone to take over household tasks for her that she’s unable to keep doing on her own. Get as clear as you can about all of her current needs.

Aging in Place May Be Her Biggest Concern

For many aging adults, the idea of having to leave everything that they know and love is terrifying. Your senior may have been trying to avoid that for a long time with a plan to age in place. If her health has taken a sudden downturn, that might mean that those prior plans just aren’t going to happen the way she wanted.

Bring in Some Hands-on Help

Even if you can’t be there with her in all the ways that you might want, senior care providers can fill in a variety of gaps. They can offer the hands-on assistance that she might need and they can help you to stay informed. It’s a huge weight off both your shoulders and your senior’s to know that if she needs assistance right now, she’s got it from senior care providers.

There’s a balancing act to being a long-distance caregiver, especially if you thought your role would be different. It’s definitely something that you can do, but it might take a lot more planning and more open communication than you expected at first.

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