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How Safe Is Your Senior’s Laundry Room?

​The laundry room might seem like an innocuous space, but there are some dangers lurking in there. Beyond just the question of physical safety in the room, there are plenty of other factors to consider, especially if your elderly family member is dealing with dementia or other cognitive changes.

Put Away Any Chemicals and Cleaning Products

Chemicals and cleaning products are always a huge concern no matter where they are in the house. In the laundry room, you’re likely to find bleach, laundry detergents, and fabric softeners, not to mention other chemicals like stain treaters and other cleaning products. All of these can be hazardous if they’re ingested, so it’s a good idea to make sure they’re either out of reach or secured in a locking cabinet.

Consider Locking or Unplugging Machines

Sometimes it’s the machines that can be too much of a temptation. If your senior has a habit of putting things in the machines that shouldn’t be there or setting them with settings that are too long for what’s being washed or dried, that can be a problem. Fitting the machines with appliance locks or even unplugging them and securing the cords could be the right answer.

Little Items Could Be Dangerous, Too

But there’s more than big machines and chemicals in most laundry rooms. Your senior’s laundry room might have all sorts of other items in there, too. Whether the room is a catch all for random items from the rest of the house or there are things like hangers and drying racks that might be problematic for your senior, it might be a good idea to find new spots for some of those items.

Lock the Laundry Room

In a worst-case scenario you might need to block access to the entire laundry room. That might be necessary if your senior is dealing with problems like dementia or other cognitive difficulties and you’ve tried securing the items that give her the most trouble. In some situations, the best thing to do really is to block the room to her access unless there is someone in there with her.

If the laundry room is off limits, it makes sense to find other ways to help your senior to keep her clothes clean. Elderly care providers can take over that task for her and that frees up her time and energy to do other things. You’ll also know that she’s safely out of that room.

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