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What Does Your Senior Need to Know about Cataracts?

​Cataracts are not a huge problem initially, but as they progress they can create huge vision problems for your elderly family member. Understanding as much as you can about cataracts can help you and your senior to deal with them when they crop up.

Causes of Cataracts

Cataracts can form for a variety of reasons. Some cataracts happen because your senior sustains an injury to her eye, but the most common cause is due to aging. As people age, proteins collect on the lens of the eye. They build up to the point that they start to harden, which makes the lens cloudy and difficult to see through.

Symptoms of Existing Cataracts

Your senior might not know that she has cataracts for quite a long time. They’re very subtle and the only symptoms are a gradual diminishing of her vision and a cloudy film over her eyes. Your elderly family member might notice that she is having a more difficult time driving at night and seeing in the dark or that she needs brighter lights in order to see well. Those symptoms worsen as her cataracts worsen.

Correcting and Treating Cataracts

Treating cataracts is usually done by surgically removing the cataract itself. Many eye doctors don’t want to perform surgery until the cataracts are a little more advanced and they affect your senior’s vision a little more. In the meantime, her eye doctor might recommend a different prescription for your senior or special sunglasses that help to protect her eyes from sun damage. After cataract surgery, your elderly family member might be more careful about protecting her eyes because cataracts can recur.

Preventing Cataracts from Forming

If your elderly family member is interested in preventing cataracts, there are some things she can try. Nutrition is always a factor with any sort of health issue, so paying close attention to her diet can help your aging family member at least a little bit. Managing other health issues is also important. The most helpful thing she can do, though, is probably to protect her eyes from injuries and from sun damage. Talk to her eye doctor about what other specific steps your senior can take.

If your elderly family member is dealing with the beginning stages of cataracts, it can help her to feel better to have some extra help. Elder care providers can handle tasks that are becoming more difficult for your senior and ensure that she’s as safe as possible.

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