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Is it Time for More Help in the Bathroom?

​You might have heard before that the bathroom is the most dangerous room in the house and that can go double for your aging family member. What you might not realize is that having some extra help when she’s in the bathroom to bathe or to take care of other tasks can make that room a lot safer.

If There’s No Real Safety Gear in the Bathroom

Safety gear is essential for seniors in the bathroom, but it might not be on your radar just yet. Some of the types of safety gear you might want to consider include grab bars, which you can install all around the room and in the shower stall. There are other tools that help, too, like shower seats, adaptable shower heads, and reaching tools that can help her to bathe.

If the Toilet Needs Adjusting

Something else to consider is that toilets are far more adjustable than they seem. You can install either a raised toilet seat or raise the entire toilet from the base up in order to make sitting and standing easier and safer. Combined with grab bars, your senior may feel far more stable while using the facilities. You may also want to consider installing a bidet attachment, which can help quite a bit.

If the Bathroom Itself Is Getting More Difficult to Find

Depending on the issues your senior is encountering, clutter or even her memory might work against her when it’s time to use the bathroom. Take some time and ensure that there is a clear path from anywhere in the house to all of the bathrooms in the home. It might also be a good idea to post signs, just in case memory issues are becoming more common.

If She’s Fallen or Had a Close Call

If your senior has already had an almost fall or an actual fall, then it’s even more important to focus on how she’s doing in the bathroom. Bathrooms are an extremely common site for injuries and accidents and if there’s any way at all for you to forestall that issue, that’s important. Any little steps you can take now to keep her from experiencing a fall are vital.

It may be time for your senior to have some assistance in the bathroom. It’s understandable if she’s nervous about having your help. Sometimes it’s easier if senior care providers help with bathing and other toileting tasks, both for your senior and for you, so that’s an option to consider.

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