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How Do I Know If My Aging Relative Needs In-Home Care?

Millions of aging Americans are dealing with health issues that affect their ability to live on their own. Many of these age-related conditions prevent them from doing some of the most basic tasks of living, causing them and their families to turn to in-home care. Family caregivers are often unsure of when it’s the right time for their aging loved one to hire in-home care. However, with a thorough assessment of their elderly relative’s day-to-day activities, they can determine areas where the senior is struggling and hire a senior care provider.

How Is the Aging Adult’s Overall Health?

The first thing that family caregivers should asses is how their elderly loved one’s physical and mental health is affecting their ability to live independently. Certain health issues can be a real obstacle to accomplishing some of the most basic self-care tasks like bathing, dressing, and grooming. Examples include arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, glaucoma, cataracts, and chronic kidney disease. In-home care is also extremely important for those who have suffered a stroke, serious injury or are recovering from surgery.

Some seniors are physically fine but may develop cognitive decline with health conditions like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Senior care providers can help out with any of these conditions and more, according to the aging adult’s needs.

What Areas of Their Life Are Seniors Obviously Struggling?

While family caregivers may not know everything that’s going on with their elderly relative, there are most likely some obvious clues that can indicate what they might be struggling with. Examples include a lack of fresh food in the refrigerator, lots of dirty dishes, clutter, and dirty bathrooms. Other examples of areas that might be a challenge for seniors includes always wearing dirty clothes or the same clothes for several days, poor hygiene, medication mismanagement, and unexplained bumps and bruises.

If the family caregivers are noticing areas where their elderly loved ones are simply not doing well, they may want to approach them about hiring a senior care provider to assist them. While aging adults may be resistant at first, family caregivers must be persistent about the topic. Many aging adults are open to someone coming a few hours a week at first. As they get more familiar with the arrangement and form a relationship with the senior care providers, the aging adults will be more accepting of in-home care.

It’s difficult for family caregivers to admit that their aging loved one is just not doing well, or that their own involvement is somehow not enough to keep seniors happy and healthy. Hiring in-home care is an excellent solution that allows seniors to achieve their goal of living at home but adds a layer of companionship and supervision that keeps them safe.

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