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Bond With Your Dad by Planning a Weekly Visit

How close are you with your dad? As you get older and take a job and raise a family, it can make it harder to find time to see him. This is where things can go wrong.

Months may pass between visits with your dad. If you don’t live close, you might only see him on major holidays. You arrive and find his home is cluttered and dirty. He looks disheveled and smells of body odor. His fridge is full of spoiled foods. You had no idea he’d gotten this bad.

Ways to Visit Without Him Becoming Annoyed

If your dad knows you’re checking up on him, he may become annoyed. If he’s like many senior citizens, he has a lot of pride and does not want to rely on others for things he used to do with ease.

Instead of spending all day at his house, stop by and take him out for a meal, to run errands, or to go for a walk at a local park. While you’re in his home, you can quickly check things to make sure he has enough food, has paid bills, did his laundry, and cleaned the main areas in his home.

Plan a family dinner. Arrange with your siblings to gather at your dad’s house for a potluck meal. He’ll like having his children and grandchildren around for a meal. While you’re there, everyone can chip in and help with yard work and cleaning chores. You’ll bond without him feeling that he’s a burden.

Ways to Visit When You Live Hours Away

When you live hours or days away, visiting in person cannot happen as often as you’d like. Make sure you are seeing how your dad looks by making a weekly call using video chat. You can do it on cell phones or over the computer.

While you’re talking, try to look at the area behind him. Do you see clutter? Do things look clean and organized? Pay attention to the clothes he is wearing. Is he always wearing the same items?

Hire elderly care aides to stop by and check on your dad each week. Ask them for weekly reports to make sure he has foods, has done his cleaning and laundry, and is keeping appointments. Caregivers will assist with all of that.

The other benefit to caregivers involves socialization and companionship. A caregiver becomes a friend that can drive your dad around or spend time with him playing games. Call us today to start a conversation into the help caregivers offer.

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