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Gift Ideas for Seniors on Valentine’s Day

Are you struggling with some gift ideas for your aging loved one this Valentine’s Day? It can be a real challenge to find just the right present that expresses how much they mean to you. Many aging adults are affected by physical conditions that restrict their mobility and require them to depend on family caregivers and home care providers. This also means that these seniors are mostly homebound, with less socializing than they might be used to.

If your elderly relative is dependent on you and a home care provider, you’ll need to choose a Valentine’s Day gift that is not only meaningful to them but fits their current wants and needs. It can be difficult to adjust to life as a senior, especially if they are dealing with health issues that include injury, illness, chronic pain, losing a spouse and feeling lonely. It’s important to pay attention to the holidays and how much they mean to seniors who are aging at home with the help of family members and home care providers.

Everyone wants to feel loved on Valentine’s Day, and your elderly relative will appreciate anything you do for them. Here are 15 Valentine’s Day gift ideas that are perfect for elderly adults to make them happy, entertained and comfortable:

  • Photo albums and framed pictures (whether traditional or in a digital picture frame).
  • A tablet already set up with a digital reading account as well as video calling software to stay in touch with loved ones.
  • A box of stationery and greeting cards for different occasions, plus a book of stamps.
  • A lovely plant in a colorful pot.
  • Soaps, lotions and other favorite spa accessories.
  • New bathrobe, housecoat or slippers.
  • Warm blanket or throw, especially one with a fun picture printed on it.
  • Host a family meal using a beloved old family recipe.
  • Going on an outing, such as to a community performance, car show, movie, museum, restaurant or art class.
  • Subscription boxes with fun themes so they get a new gift every month for a year.
  • Games, puzzles and any fun accessories, like an automatic card shuffler or miniature bingo cage with balls and cards.
  • Video game system with senior-friendly games.
  • The gift of help via a home care provider for housekeeping, cooking, and companionship, if they don’t have one already.
  • A trip to a day spa, with beauty treatments, massage, and more.
  • Traditional gifts like chocolates, jewelry, and stuffed animals, especially if they don’t have a sweetheart around anymore.

It’s easy for you to overlook Valentine’s Day gifts and celebrations for people other than your own sweetheart. However, you’ll never go wrong in setting up a lovely Valentine’s Day surprise and gift for your elderly relative.

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