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Do Seniors with Fibromyalgia Benefit from In-Home Care?

Fibromyalgia is one of those health conditions that people hear about all the time but may not know much about it until their aging relative is diagnosed with it. It’s a serious disease that affects how a person’s brain interprets pain signals. For most seniors with fibromyalgia, they struggle with chronic pain that limits their ability to take care of themselves.

When it comes to living at home, most seniors want that option, but fibromyalgia makes it extremely difficult. In-home care is often the answer for families in this situation.

How Does Fibromyalgia Limit Seniors?

When aging adults develop fibromyalgia, the result is extreme pain all over the body. Some people say that even some small pressure on the skin can lead to immense pain. Other symptoms of fibromyalgia include stiff joints and muscles, insomnia, fatigue, numbness in the extremities, tension headaches, and gastrointestinal issues. Often, fibromyalgia makes symptoms of other chronic conditions, such as arthritis or diabetes, even worse.

Aging adults are certainly going to feel the pain when it comes to their fibromyalgia. The chronic pain can make them avoid actions that exacerbate the feelings, so they try to live without many of the daily tasks that they need to, like housekeeping, laundry, showering, and dressing. With an elder care provider, aging adults can rest and relax until their symptoms improve.

Helping Loved Ones with Fibromyalgia Live at Home

Medical experts say that aging adults can do a lot to manage their fibromyalgia. In many cases, exercise and rest are the keys to easing the condition. Aging adults can rely on elder care providers for help with daily walks, tai chi, swimming and more. Eldercare providers can also prepare meals that are healthy and delicious, providing aging adults with yet another way to deal with fibromyalgia. Of course, medication management is important, too, and elder care providers can remind seniors when to take their prescribed medicine to ease the symptoms.

Instead of allowing fibromyalgia to become big obstacles that threatens their normal life, many aging adults turn to eldercare providers for help. Eldercare providers can take on some of the daily tasks that are simply too much for aging adults. These tasks include laundry, light housekeeping, meal preparation, and running errands. If elderly adults need further assistance with self-care duties like dressing and grooming, elder care providers can be there, too.

Life with fibromyalgia is not going to be easy, and many aging adults are going to struggle. However, with an elder care provider at their side, plus caring and supportive family caregivers, the aging adult can do more for themselves than they would otherwise be able to. Seniors with fibromyalgia certainly benefit from in-home care given by professional elder care providers.

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