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Four Signs Your Senior Could Have High Blood Pressure

Hypertension, more commonly called high blood pressure, is a condition in which your senior’s blood is pushing harder against the walls of her blood vessels than it used to. This creates a host of problems, especially if the high blood pressure continues for a long period of time.

She’s Experiencing Poor Circulation

When your elderly family member is experiencing cold feet or hands, that’s a sign that her circulation isn’t working as well as it could be. You might think that high blood pressure would mean that her circulation would be faster than normal, but it often means that her blood circulation is a little more restricted. If your elderly family member’s hands or feet are frequently cold, it’s a good idea to have her doctor look more closely at her blood pressure readings.

Headaches Are a More Common Occurrence

Headaches are something your elderly family member can experience for a variety of reasons. One really common cause of increased headaches is a change in your senior’s blood pressure. She may start noticing that she gets a headache every afternoon, for instance, or she might get headaches after certain activities. Any time that your elderly family member experiences headaches more frequently, you should mention the situation to her doctor.

Her Vision Is Blurry

Blood pressure affects every system of the body, including your senior’s eyes. When her blood pressure is high, she often has higher blood pressure within the blood vessels in her eyes, too. This changes how the eye is able to react and to respond to normal circumstances and can leave your senior with blurry vision. Left for too long, these changes can lead to permanent vision damage.

She’s Feeling Dizzy More Often

Your senior’s blood carries oxygen throughout her body and if her blood pressure is too high, she’s not able to move the right amount of blood and oxygen through her system. That can result in dizzy spells, particularly when she rises from a seated or prone position. This is an especially dangerous symptom not just because it points to blood pressure issues, but it can also leave her susceptible to.

Home blood pressure monitors have come a long way. It’s a good idea for your senior to keep track of her blood pressure levels, even when she feels they’re under control. Senior care providers can help to remind your senior to check her blood pressure and help her to keep a log of the results for future reference.

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