Senior Woman preparing a meal with one the caregivers who found a job at SYNERGY HomeCare.
Careers thatmove you

SYNERGY HomeCare Careers

Experience Wholehearted Rewards

Caring for others is rewarding in so many ways. See how joining the SYNERGY HomeCare team gives your time, and your career, purpose.

Find Flexibility

Serve others without sacrificing the flexibility and convenience your busy life demands. Help people live fuller lives while creating a thriving career that fits your schedule.

Make an Impact

Build a career path that furthers your fulfillment as much as it enriches the lives of the people you help.

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Each SYNERGY HomeCare franchise office is independently owned and operated.

SYNERGY HomeCare is proud to partner with the Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP). We’re committed to recruiting, hiring and retaining military spouses.

Easy Steps to Become a Home Care Aide with Us!

1. Apply on the CDSS (California Department of Social Services) Website

The HCA Fee is $35:

– You will be directed to Guardian, which is the State background check system. You can use our company PIN (3332RA), which will link you to our company.

– Once you start the application process, you will be given a livescan form to print and take to a location of your choice. Police departments are the most inexpensive, but they are usually by appointment only and they are booked out a few months sometimes. If you cannot get an appointment with a Police Department, you can go to a private provider, which is usually at mailbox stores. Do an internet search for Live Scan finger printing near me. The cost for a livescan is about $70 to $80.

– Once you have confirmation you passed the background process, or you know you have nothing in your background that could keep you from being an HCA, you can move onto the next steps 2 and 3, which can be done in any order.

2. Take a CPR/First Aid Course

You can find a CPR course that is hands on, or you can take an online course, which is fast, and less expensive and meets our needs.  There are many out there, but here is an example of an inexpensive provider.

3. Obtain a Tuberculosis (TB) Test

You can be tested by going through your medical insurance, walk-in clinics, or pharmacies like CVS or Walgreens. The cost is $50 to $65 for the test, check online for rates.

4. Call and Request An Interview

Next, give us a call or email at [email protected], and request an interview.

If you are hired, you will go through an online onboarding process that will get you set up with our payroll company and provide company documents for your signature.

5. Orientation

Then you will be invited in for an Orientation, that will cover our company Policies and Procedures and cover some of your training. The State requires 5 hours of initial training and an additional 5 hours per year. You will be awarded 2 hours of training the orientation, and you will be assigned 3 additional hours through our online training portal. Once you complete the 3 hours online you are ready to work. You will be able to complete all your additional yearly hours on the same online portal, which we will continue to provide access.

6. Welcome

Welcome aboard, you are now a Care Professional with SYNERGY HomeCare of Orange, and you can do great things helping others!