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Our blog chronicles nearly every aspect of home care. From how seniors can live their best lives with confidence, to childcare, to trips to the grocery store, and even how seniors can create their autobiographies. It doesn't stop there. There's educational pieces, how-to guides, age and illness-specific information, stories of love and endurance to magic

June 01, 2021

We are, by nature, independent beings who want to do things for ourselves which makes it extremely uncomfortable to ask for help from others. It’s a control thing. For seniors, asking for help is pretty much admitting to themselves that they are losing control of their independence, freedom, and lifestyle. This is an incredible fear for aging adults – especially those who have not had to rely on the support of others. 

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May 09, 2021

Home care for yourself or an aging loved one is not on the foremost thoughts of most people until it becomes a necessity. At that point, the decisions made about care and support are made under a great deal of stress and without having the time to ask all of the questions you want or ensure the quality of care matches your needs. Along with the stress also comes misconceptions about home care, what it is and what it is not. 

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May 07, 2021

You’ve probably read some email subject lines like “Be 10 years younger in two days!” Or “lose 40 pounds by drinking this at bedtime.” 

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April 27, 2021

Home care allows adults to live independently longer. It provides security and choice for the individual receiving care and peace of mind for their family members. From occasional respite care to a few hours a day to around-the-clock care, home care allows for flexibility.

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April 22, 2021

When a person is recovering from a serious illness or surgery, they are often reliant on help from others. Hospitalization happens when the body needs time and support to heal. Surgery also requires downtime and assistance for the body to heal properly. Significant illness and invasive procedures (including childbirth) are reasons to consider options of self-care so that faster recovery is possible. 

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