Surprise Make-Overs For Mother’s Day


Surprise Make-Overs For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day can be a hard time for any child or grandchild if you have a mother or grandmother adapting to a lifestyle that requires increased in-home care. It takes a lot of time and energy to schedule visits, check up on your loved one, make sure they are ok and that all of their needs are met, and simply be there to be supportive. When holidays roll around, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and nostalgic and finding the perfect gift can turn into more of a chore than a fun celebration.

Mix Spending Time With A Great Gift

We all know the best gifts come from the heart. What better gift could you give your mother or grandmother than spending some quality time with them and give them a surprise makeover! You don’t have to be a professional beautician to help your loved one feel good about themselves. If you like the idea but are not quite sure about what to do for the makeover, let us give you some tips:

  1. Start off the makeover with something fun. Bring some flowers and a gift basket. You can put anything in the gift basket, but sticking with the makeover theme is a fun idea. Include some lotion, bubble bath, body scrubs and maybe even a bathrobe or new slippers. A gift basket is an excellent addition to the makeover.
  2. Bring along a hairstylist. If your loved one is unable to leave their home to get their hair done, you can hire a stylist to come in and do their hair. Make sure you get clear instructions from your loved one on style preference so that they get a style they love! 5
  3. Get some extra bonding time in and do your mom/grandma’s nails! Bring a few different colors for her to choose from and take your time making her feel important and pretty.
  4. A makeover is not complete without makeup! Again, ask her what her preference is. She may not enjoy eye makeup, and some types of makeup may be uncomfortable or irritating on her skin. Double check with her so that she doesn’t have any reactions from the makeup choices.
  5. Don’t forget to accessorize! Go ahead and splurge on a classy new blouse or house dress. Double check some of her favorite styles and colors and get something she will be comfortable in and enjoy. You can even go all out and bring in some costume jewelry and fun, colorful boa’s if that is more her personality and style.

Whatever you decide to include in the makeover isn’t as important as how you express the sentiment of wanting to spend time and attention on her for Mother’s Day. Many seniors report feelings of loneliness and isolation. Having close relationships in which a senior feels a connection is crucial for his/her health. Spend your Mother’s Day this year letting your mom, grandma, or aunt know how much she means to you by spending some valuable time with her all while making her feel like the most beautiful and loved person in the room! Don’t forget to grab a few pictures; these are the moments you are going to want to remember forever too.



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