Smart tips for sandwich generation to balance their life


Tips to lessen stress for the sandwich generation

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If you're taking care of Mom, Dad, kids, a spouse and a career, you're officially in "the sandwich generation," being squeezed from all directions as you juggle your many responsibilities.  

July 1st marks the beginning of national sandwich generation month, a whole 31 days dedicated to acknowledging and supporting one of the biggest load-bearing generations of society. Members of the sandwich generation are tasked with not only caring for their children, their parents, and their jobs, but also their own well-being. These are the four core pillars that SYNERGY HomeCare has identified as the biggest issues causing burnout amongst members of this generation. 

To add even further stress to this delicate balance, the beginning of post-pandemic life means that most workplaces are now transitioning back into the office. As employees flock back to their desks, this means more time spent commuting and less time spent with the people depending on you. 

In order to help remedy these major stressors placed on the sandwich generation, SYNERGY has compiled a list of tips to address these four core pillars, while also avoiding the burnout that seems almost inevitable as an adult child with children of their own. 

How to Avoid Burnout in the Sandwich Gen

Recognize When You Need Help
It’s critical to acknowledge when you feel you’re about to boil over. Be aware of the following behavioral side effects and recognize that it may be a sign to reach out for help. 

  • You constantly feel pressured
  • You’re short-tempered
  • Performance at work is declining
  • You have trouble focusing
  • Difficulty when trying to go to sleep
  • You are experiencing conflicts with your family, siblings, spouse, partners, etc.
  • You are becoming frustrated with caregiving tasks
  • Your eating patterns are disrupted, either eating too much or not enough
  • You are drinking more alcohol

Speak to Someone at Work
Whether it’s your manager or your HR representative, employers and coworkers are well aware of the difficulty of balancing “real-life” challenges and work challenges. A manager can make extra accommodations and be considerate of the stressors affecting your work performance, and by letting them know, they can directly help with your workload. Human resources representatives can also lend a helping hand by pointing you in the right direction to receive the necessary support. They can also bring you up to speed with any company benefits or policies that could help your current situation. 

Utilize the Resources Offered at Work
Many workplaces and health insurance plans offer counseling services that can offer emotional and tangible support. Today, nearly 80% of companies larger than 250 employees offer similar programs as a part of their benefits packages. Don’t hesitate to use these resources available to you. 

Don’t Be Afraid of Outside Help
As much as we like to try to do everything on our own, it can be much easier to rely on people who are willing to help. SYNERGY’s HomeCare hotline is always open at 877-432-2692 to provide appropriate and timely support. The SYNERGY HomeCare team is well-equipped to aid the sandwich generation in reducing as much of their daily stress as possible, especially as children are starting to come home for summer, while mom and dad are starting to head out for work again.

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