Adult Children Can Help Aging Parents Prevent Falls


Adult Children Can Help Aging Parents Prevent Falls

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With summer in our rearview mirror, we look forward to the opportunity to launch our annual September Fall Prevention Awareness campaign to remind seniors to review and assess their homes for hazards that could lead to a dangerous fall.   

A Leading Threat to Seniors

According to the CDC, falls are the most common source of injury to those aged 65 or older. It’s estimated that over 300,000 hospitalizations per year are the direct result of seniors falling in their homes. 

There are risk factors beyond typical or obvious hazards in seniors’ homes that may make falls more likely, which support a senior’s or a senior’s family’s need to take advantage of a free home assessment each year. The additional risk factors can range from difficulty walking to prescription medications to vision problems or foot pain and more. Most falls stem from a combination of risk factors, and the more risk factors one has, the greater propensity for a fall. In addition, being proactive can help prevent a broken hip or trip to the hospital.

How SYNERGY is Here to Help

To reduce seniors’ risk of falling in their homes, SYNERGY HomeCare offers a free downloadable Guide for Senior Fall Prevention, available here. Learn about the hazards to be aware of and exactly how to remedy them, such as moving necessities into easy-to-reach cabinets, securing throw rugs with non-slip backing, and making sure all light fixtures are working correctly. 

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13-Point inspection Evaluates Over 70 Potential Threats

If you or your loved ones are still unsure if you have taken the necessary precautions, your local SYNERGY HomeCare may offer a COVID-friendly, complimentary home safety assessment. The assessment is a 13-point method of evaluating over 70 different potential dangers in most people’s homes. These include stairwells, dangerous kitchen habits, unsafe bathroom layouts, clutter and even close examination of the floors themselves. Additionally, SYNERGY HomeCare will also review or implement safety procedures to follow in any type of emergency. While some of these things may seem insignificant, the slightest obstacle is often what causes some of the worst outcomes for older generation members. 

Put Safety First and Call SYNERGY HomeCare
It goes without saying that senior safety and well-being are the absolute top priorities of SYNERGY HomeCare, which is why we have made these resources available to the general public. Taking advantage of services to prevent falls and working to ensure a safe home environment are critical steps that can be taken to allow older adults to remain at home, living confidently with a greater quality of life.

If you’re interested in a free SYNERGY HomeCare assessment, feel free to click this link or visit

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