SYNERGY 360°® elevates clients to a better life


SYNERGY 360°® elevates clients to a better life

Our 360-degree view of our clients is how we understand what they need, defined by who they are and not their diagnosis, age, or disability. We pay close attention to their day-to-day interactions with their caregiver and experiences, looking for what makes them happy or happier, what roadblocks they have, and how our caregivers can eliminate frustrating challenges simply by making a change in daily care. We follow their daily journey, looking for ways to make their life sing with greater harmony.  Our franchise partners throughout the nation incorporate the SYNERGY 360°® philosophy into their care plans.

While SYNERGY 360°® is a strategic approach to client satisfaction, it also hones our ability to offer the best client experience simply by observing their daily routine and understanding what helps them to thrive.

We have learned that clients respond positively to the support and compassion offered by SYNERGY HomeCare caregivers, especially when there are changes that elevate their mood and general outlook.  In fact, this hands-on approach typically warrants a fast impact on our client’s day-to-day activities with their caregiver.

"We find that this level of support and commitment creates client development that ultimately impacts them in a highly positive manner."

There are three core elements to SYNERGY 360°®: impact, support, development. When it comes to support, we ensure that each client is provided unparalleled, 360-degree care. Our caregivers love what they do and constantly inspire their clients. We find that this level of support and commitment creates client development that ultimately impacts them in a highly positive manner.

SYNERGY 360°® is also our model for applying the most beneficial types of services we provide: through astute observation of our clients, we have a keen understanding of their needs, which enables us to recommend services or potentially other medical providers that will allow them to enjoy the highest quality of life as possible. Our franchise owners across the country find SYNERGY 360°® to be an effective tool to provide the best care possible.

For example, we had a client referred to us by the client’s adult son, who was concerned about his dad’s new diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. While the disease was in its early stages, our caregiver recommended getting the house “fall-proofed” in anticipation of the loss of coordination as the disease progresses. Thoughtful, preventive measures that make our clients’ lives safer and more fulfilling is what SYNERGY 360°® was designed to accomplish.

Our vast list of services ensures we offer care for everyone affected by age or illness.  Sure, our website lists services that appear as though any home care agency can provide. The difference is SYNERGY 360°®, where we consider every client’s individual needs, habits, and what will elevate their emotional health. Sprinkle that with compassionate caregivers, and you have the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Helen Bach
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