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Why caregivers love us

SYNERGY HomeCare caregivers with thumbs upSYNERGY HomeCare agency owners know that the key to their success lies within hiring and providing ongoing educational training to their  caregivers. Owners appreciate compassionate caregivers who truly envelop their clients' personalities, interests and needs to provide a personalized level of care that they’d give to their own families. Owners go the distance to ensure their caregivers are provided ongoing and sometimes, specialized training and plenty of deserved appreciation and encouragement.. Caregivers enjoy the scheduling flexibility that SYNERGY HomeCare franchise partners offer. This allows caregivers to manage other obligations and live a balanced lifestyle.

Every SYNERGY HomeCare agency offers a diverse range of employment benefits and perks, ongoing educational training programs, possible opportunities for promotion. And, every agency champions their caregivers, as they are the heartbeat of SYNERGY HomeCare.

Caregivers tell the real story
Here are five Google reviews, written and submitted to Google by SYNERGY HomeCare caregivers. They have stories to tell that illuminate the nature and goodwill behind the owners of SYNERGY HomeCare agencies across the United States. They identify exactly why caregivers enjoy being part of our big happy, SYNERGY HomeCare family!

Nikki K.   SYNERGY HomeCare Greenfield, WI 
I started with SYNERGY HomeCare  fresh out of high school. It was my first CNA job, and my first job ever. I worked full time with them for 7 years and I am now back with them part time. I love working with  SYNERGY HomeCare because they care about the clients as well as their staff. They will go above and beyond for clients, as well as accommodating for the workers’ schedules. They were both welcoming and happy to see me come back and I was able to get work the next week! There is a lot of flexibility. I have very good relationships with the ladies in the office; every experience of going to the main office is a good feeling. They are there  for you with any issue you are having and/or any concerns. One of the most understanding and welcoming companies I have seen or heard of. Everyone is happy to see you, they treat you more than an employee and more than that, they treat you like family! I also love that this SYNERGY HomeCare office is run by women! I am glad to be back.

Nikki M.   SYNERGY HomeCare of Chicago
As a former caregiver, and current nursing student, I could not have been more proud to work for such a compassionate and caring company that fundamentally places the needs of their caregivers and clients as their top priority.  They were extremely considerate and accommodating with my schedule as well as diligent in making sure I was paired with clients they felt would fit best with my personality. Julie and Frank still keep in contact with me to see how I am doing while pursuing my nursing career, as well as update me on my former clients to help me feel as if I am still a part of their lives, which I will always truly appreciate.

Suzanne R.   SYNERGY HomeCare of Paradise Valley
I very much enjoy working for SYNERGY HomeCare. The staff are always friendly and helpful. I really appreciate how they are flexible with my schedule as a caregiver. They really care for both their clients and caregivers, and really do their best to meet our needs in the best way possible.

Brandi M.   SYNERGY HomeCare of Edmond
I have worked in the home care industry in the past for 8 years. I have seen many companies that boast that they care greatly for their clients as well as employees yet when put to the test, they sorely lack. This company makes me proud! This company cares about every client so deeply whether it’s one hour of service or 24 hours, they are all treated as top priority. They care for every employee no matter how many years experience and invest in them on a personal level such as you would a family member. Great job, to this wonderful group of people and countless hours worked by dedicated CNA’s and sitters that have a burning passion, a passion for people.

Jeannie M.   SYNERGY HomeCare of Tucson
I’ve been employed by SYNERGY HomeCare for a year. I was recently promoted within the organization. My experience has been excellent.  It’s nice to work for and with people who truly care about their employees. Randy and Lisa encourage feedback, our opinions do count and they want to hear them.

SYNERGY HomeCare is hiring caregiver and office positions across the United States. Visit our careers page to find available positions near you. 



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