5 top smart devices for seniors


Top 5 Smart Devices to Make Life Easier and Safer for Seniors

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Technology has made some major advances that help us manage our lives more conveniently. With some of the best technology out there, we are able to turn on functions in our homes before we arrive, gather specific information with a simple voice command and worry less about leaving appliances on as many of them now have automated sensors and timers for shutoff. 

When we think of the advancement in technology, we all have our favorites that we just can’t imagine life without. Many of these devices are extremely practical and aid us in staying safe and prepared. This is even more true for aging adults who rely on specific devices to help them manage doctor appointments, medication and overall safety and protection. These devices are so helpful, in fact, that “the so-called active aging industry” in the U.S. — which includes safety and smart-living technologies, health and remote care and wellness and fitness technologies — is expected to triple in the next three years, according to a report by the Consumer Technology Association. 

Here are the 5 top smart devices used by seniors for convenience and safety purposes.

Amazon Alexa
Alexa is hands down one of the best smart devices that seniors can take advantage of. With simple voice commands, Alexa can help seniors manage calendars and appointments, set medication reminders, find other devices like smartphones and easily contact loved ones. 

Alexa can also be a source of entertainment by playing audio books, playing fun mind games with trivia questions that can help sharpen the mind and playing music. 

Another exciting and useful function of Alexa for seniors is gathering useful information. For example, aging adults often need to pay attention to strict diets to manage conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and more. Finding good, healthy recipes easily is as simple as asking Alexa while shopping at the grocery store. 

Alexa can also provide valuable measures of safety as it only takes a simple voice command to call for help.

Smart Medication Dispensers
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As we age, our bodies need for medication increases. We may have to take medication for water retention, to thin blood or help with digestive issues. Many seniors require a number of different medications that could cause serious implications if any are taken at the wrong time of day or in the wrong dosage. 

Thankfully, devices like smart medication dispensers help regulate and automate medication management so that the right pills are dispensed in the right dosage at the right time of day. Some of these devices are even equipped with alerts in case a dosage is missed. 

Home Sensors
One of the biggest challenges for seniors is finding the adequate amount of support that allows them to maintain a certain amount of independence and freedom while still getting the care that they need. This is generally because safety is a concern. With devices like smart home sensors, loved ones can rest a little easier knowing that home sensors are monitoring ongoing movements and sending out an alert when activities and habits have changed. 

Security Systems
Smart security systems don’t just protect seniors from unwanted intruders, but they also help protect them from home disasters like fires and flooding. These devices monitor doors, windows and motion, but also work with smoke alarms, flood detection sensors and temperature sensors in the home. An alarm within the system will immediately notify authorities and caregivers of an emergency or potential problem.

Robotic Pets
Let’s not forget about one of the newest toy innovations stemming from Hasbro employee, Ted Fischer that helps decrease feelings of loneliness and isolation in seniors. These smart, robotic dogs and cats have the ability to provide companionship, calm, promote joy and soothe. They have heartbeats, respond to touch, roll and purr. The older adult market became the largest customer of these smart pets and has been sold to businesses like senior living centers and individuals alike.

Smart devices are also extremely simple to navigate and set-up. Gone are the days of lengthy, small font instruction booklets. Smart device set-up tends to be intuitive and basic so even those not comfortable with technology can have a great experience. 

Ask your friends, family and neighbors what smart devices they love! You will be surprised at all of the options. Connectivity and safety are greatly enhanced with smart devices. You may be amazed at all the ways technology can aid in your quality of life. 



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