What to do when self-reliant baby boomers need help at home


What to do when self-reliant baby boomers need help at home

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The vast majority of seniors prefer to “age-in-place” or continue living in their own homes or communities. According to aarp.org, “nearly 90 percent of people over age 65 want to stay in their home for as long as possible, and 80 percent believe their current residence is where they will always live.”

While it is a fantastic feat for seniors to continue to care for themselves as they age; eventually, adult children of these wildly independent baby boomers realize that their aging parents need more support – and likely are not asking for it. 

Baby-boomers are stubborn about maintaining their independence and for excellent reasons. These reasons are shaking up traditional senior living and senior care programs. 

They are Living Longer

Statista reports a higher life-expectancy for baby boomers. Women can look forward to a life expectancy of 81 years while men are averaging a 76-year life expectancy. 

Not only are they living longer, but medical and technological advancements have promoted healthier, fuller lives for this generation, more than any generation before. These advancements are how baby boomers have more drive, ambition and desire to maintain independent living. 

They are Passionate about Hobbies, Jobs, Activities and Lifestyle 

Don’t expect to see baby boomers sitting around knitting with NPR on the radio station. You’re more likely to see this age group hiking a popular trail with friends, participating in triathlons, volunteering at their grandchildren’s’ schools and working from the comfort of their home. 

Baby boomers DO NOT sit still. They are tech-savvy, active, social and are retiring at older ages than previous generations. They are more educated and on-base with modern technology. You might see them playing games on their smartphones, taking online courses or listening to podcasts. One thing is for sure – they are not sitting around waiting for other people to tell them what the rules are, what’s for dinner and what time lights are out. 

With the lifestyles that baby boomers are living, it is easy to see why this age group fearlessly challenges any threat of losing it. 

However, just because an aging parent has lived a strongly independent life does not mean that they will be senior man doing yogacapable of living without assistance forever. When the time comes for support to step in, in-home care provides the best type of care for individuals who want to remain in their homes, participating in the community and continue to enjoy a self-reliant lifestyle. 

Gone are the days where senior living facilities were the “go-to” method of support for seniors. With in-home services, your bold and active parents can rely on assistance catered to their individual needs. Suppose mom and dad enjoy decorating their homes, choosing their meals, keeping beloved pet companions and caring for their gardens, but struggle with personal hygiene and housework or have limited sight or mobility. In that case, an in-home aide can provide that extra support so that they can stay comfortable and happy. 

If you have a baby boomer in your family who is adamantly guarding their self-reliance but requires day-to-day or constant support, in-home care services are an ideal option that you can mold to meet specific needs. This way, they still get to live in the home they love, do the things they love without the fear of losing their beloved independence.

Helen Bach
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