Sharing Your Talents


Sharing Your Talents

Share Your Talents Virtually

Hobbies and talents are great ways to entertain yourself and to connect with other people.  Participating in the things you enjoy and sharing your talents helps prevent anger, depression, and loneliness. However, sharing personal talents when you have limited mobility can be tricky but, there are ways to share your talents with others and connect with those that have similar interests. Technology and the Internet have opened up doors for people who otherwise may not have an opportunity to share their writing, to share their voices and music, and to share their artwork. What a gift this is to those that really want to create, share, and inspire others!


Where Can I Share My Talents Online?

There are a number of different types of websites where videos, music, art, and writing are shared.

  • Online literary journals welcome submissions for publication. Many of these journals accept art, poetry, short stories, biographies, and photography. Some are available in both print and digital, and some even offer contests and payments for publications. is a great place to find literary journals and to learn more about online art journals and publications.
  • Social media websites allow people to share all kinds of things. Here you can share videos, artwork, photographs, and more. Social media is a good place to connect with others that have similar interests and to share what you have created. There are many groups and pages on that help people connect by interest. allows you to upload videos. If your talent happens to be playing music, singing, creating artwork, acting, comedy, or film – YouTube is a terrific place to showcase what you can do and connect with others.


  • Blogs like is another great place to share your talents. This platform has a lot to offer and can help anyone create a simple website of your own. This is a great place for writers, journalists, artists, photographers, and many more to share their skills and to get feedback from other people. Blogging is a great place to get involved, get connected, and enjoy the talents of others as well as share your own.
  • Video groups are pretty great because they are live. You can find virtual meet up groups to talk about your specific talent, ask questions, receive feedback, and just be part of a group that enjoys the same things you do. This is an amazing opportunity for those that want real-time communication and socialization.
  • Volunteering virtually can also be a lot of fun. Maybe the particular talent you have is a service. can connect you with online opportunities to volunteer your services. If your talent is writing, maybe you can volunteer to write a newsletter for a non-profit organization. There are a ton of volunteer opportunities online that can connect you with companies and individuals that need help. This is the best way to give back when you have limited mobility or trouble getting around.

These virtual opportunities don’t just give people a place to express themselves, it also creates a way for people to socialize, make friends, and network when they may not have had the opportunity before. So, let your talent shine and share them with others.



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