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Home Safety Tips for Seniors

Home Safety Tips For Seniors

Seniors fall each year, it's the #1 Risk of injury annually. As people grow older, home sweet home can turn into a health hazard. A pretty throw rug can become a trip and fall waiting to happen. Staircases can become a slip and slide (not the fun kind). Even climbing a stepladder to change the batteries in the smoke detector can be a danger.

June is National Home Safety Month and focuses on reducing the leading causes of injury in our homes. These tips will help to make your home sweet home, a home safe home. Here are some tips to make home sweet home, a home safe home.


    • Install grab bars near toilets and showers to provide support.
    • Consider a walk-in shower/tub to reduce the risk of slips and falls.


    • Provide handrails on BOTH sides of stairs.
    • Install a light at the top and bottom of staircases and throughout hallways.
    • Paint or place bright tape on the edge of steps  so seniors can see where one step ends and another begins.
    • Keep stairs clutter-free.


    • Place frequently used items in lower cabinets to eliminate the need to use a step ladder.
    • Plastic kitchenware reduces the risk of broken glass.

Other Tips

    • Eliminate throw rugs, as they are a tripping hazard.
    • Remove extension or power cords from walkways.
    • Wear non slip socks around the house to reduce the risk of slipping on smooth surfaces.

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