Our People are the Heart of SYNERGY HomeCare - Part 1

In recognition of national caregiver month, we are honoring the remarkable caregivers who cheerfully and lovingly serve others on a daily basis. The following are just a few examples of how our caregivers are the heart of SYNERGY HomeCare

Rock Star Caregiver

Jeannie Dalaly, SYNERGY HomeCare Schaumburg, IL

Jeannie Dalaly

If caregivers were rock stars, then Jeannie Dalaly would be the leader of the band. Jeannie takes care of a couple dealing with dementia, diabetes and a host of other complications. Until Jeannie came to be their caregiver, the family was overwhelmed and often unsure regarding life’s day-to-day decisions and challenges.

Preparing home-cooked meals, giving medication reminders, communicating with the family while keeping the home safe for the clients are all in a day’s work. Jeannie even makes sure the couple’s front lawn hedges are trimmed. 

Above and Beyond

Dennis Webb, SYNERGY HomeCare Edmond, OK

Dennis Webb With Client

Dennis joined our care team in 2013 as a part-time caregiver. Dennis had a full-time job but was looking to pick up extra hours. He was assigned to care for two veterans. After a few months of seeing the positive impact Dennis was having on the lives of the clients and families he took care of, Dennis asked if he could become a full-time employee. 

In the past year, Dennis has built a handicap ramp for a client, repaired a shed and built a cabinet. During the holidays Dennis assisted clients with decorations and put up outdoor lights.

The Good Samaritan

Monica Waltower, SYNERGY HomeCare Decatur, GA

Monica Waltower (1)

Caregiver Monica Waltower was driving to an appointment when she noticed several cars stopped on the side of the road. People were standing around staring at the ground. An elderly man had been hit by a car.

Her inner caregiver took over and she turned her car around. Within seconds, she was at the injured man’s side. Although EMTs were called, they had not yet arrived. Monica sprang into action and began CPR, keeping the man alive until the EMTs arrived. Monica’s concern for a stranger is proof that caregiving is not just a paycheck for her — it’s a passion.

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