Color Yourself Happy

 Grandma Coloring With Her Grandkids

Adult coloring is a hot trend, and coloring books are popping up everywhere you go, from the check out at your local drug or grocery stores to the top of Amazon’s bestseller list. Aside from being a craze adults can’t get enough of, there are also major health benefits to coloring. At SYNERGY HomeCare we are dedicated to promoting and inspiring healthy lifestyles.

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Health Benefits 

“Coloring utilizing both hemispheres of the brain which uses logic and creativity, this form of art therapy has many health benefits that are great for everyone, especially seniors living with Alzheimer's. Following are the benefits of coloring; improve dexterity, prevents boredom, helps with coordination, relieves stress and anxiety, and provides a sense of accomplishment.”

“Research has proven that adults 65 years and older who participate in art therapy such as coloring have better overall health, used less medications and had fewer health problems than non-crafting senior citizens.”

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