The Big Health Benefits of Losing a Little Weight


The Big Health Benefits of Losing a Little Weight

The Big Health Benefits Of Losing A Little Weight

It’s funny how as we get older, the years seem to pass more quickly. And while the pages of the calendar keep turning, often the numbers on the scale are climbing, too. We may not even realize how much weight we’ve put on unless a doctor — or a brave friend — mentions it.

There are many reasons for this weight gain. Our metabolism slows as we age; we can’t eat all the pizza and burgers we did when we were in our 20s. Older folks are usually less active, so they need fewer calories to sustain themselves. Sometimes the medicines we take can cause us to gain weight. But often it’s just the passage of time – add a pound a year for 20 years and you are 20 pounds heavier. To make it worse, once we’ve gained the weight, it’s a lot harder to get it off.

Yet a lot of chronic conditions associated with the elderly are caused, or exacerbated, by excess weight. But by losing just 10 pounds you can make positive changes in your health. Here’s what it may do for you:

    • Ease joint pain – less weight for your knees to carry around.

    • Lower blood pressure

    • Lower cholesterol levels

    • Reduce your risk of developing diabetes

    • Increase energy levels, allowing you to be more active

    • Improve sleep apnea and snoring, allowing for a better night sleep

    • Improve your mood

If you are ready to lose weight, remember the healthiest way to do it is by eating right and exercising, not by fad diets. And always consult your doctor before starting any weight loss plan; he or she will tell you how just how much weight YOU need to lose and the best way to do it.


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