Helping Your Loved One Deal With the Death of a Spouse


Helping Your Loved One Deal With the Death of a Spouse

Helping Your Loved One Deal With The Death Of A Spouse

In February, a California couple married for 67 years died within hours of each other. Their daughter was quoted in news reports as saying, “they wanted to go together. It was meant to be this way.” This fortunate ending, however, is not typical for most long marriages. Chances are, if you live long enough, you will spend your final years as a widow or a widower.

Here’s a look at what you can do to help elderly parents grieving the death of a spouse.

    • Make sure they’re getting enough sleep and eating regular meals. In the early stages of grief, these simple things are often neglected.

    • Make sure they are safe (and feel safe) in their home alone. Are all the locks working? Do they have a neighbor they can call if they need help?

    • Help them stay social. When they’re ready, encourage them to resume activities they enjoyed doing with their friends.

    • Help them learn new skills. Your dad may need a crash course in cooking if Mom always made his meals. If Dad always paid the bills, Mom might want help managing her finances.

    • Find a support group. It’s helpful to talk with others dealing with a similar loss. Check with your place of worship, local senior centers or county mental health departments to find a support group.

    • Be aware of the risk of depression. Everyone grieves differently, but prolonged mourning could be a sign they are depressed and need to see a doctor.

    • Make sure they are able to care for themselves now that they are alone. If Dad doesn’t seem to be able to function well without Mom, Synergy Homecare caregivers may be able to give him the help he needs to continue living in his home. Contact your local Synergy HomeCare agency for more information.


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