Cell Phone Plans for Seniors


Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

What used to be a cell phone to call someone, has turned into a pint-sized computer. For senior citizens, making a call can be complicated… and so can cell phone plans. There are so many to choose from - data, text messages, storage, and the list goes on. There are so many options! So, if you are looking to communicate with your loved one, which plan would suit them best? Well, chances are they don’t need or want the bells and whistles cell phones come with now. So to avoid the confusion, hassles, and extra money spent:

    • Check out the “senior plan.” Many carriers are taking note of the increase in seniors wanting a basic plan, so many have them in place. They are a lot like regular plans, but have fewer minutes and all that extra “data stuff” you won’t have to worry about if you don’t plan on watching a bunch of viral videos online. Because data is usually the most expensive part of a plan, these means seniors can enjoy a monthly bill as low as $30 from a many carriers.

    • Also, think outside the box. Instead of going to a big carrier with a well-known name, check out some of the phones for sale at a department store. If the phone is just a form of security “in case of an emergency,” these deals can be made for just $10 a month!

    • While you’re shopping around, ask about phones that do or don’t have a touch screen (depending on preference) or about getting a phone with a bigger screen or bigger buttons. Different people have different needs.

    • Finally, see if you can get a deal. If you are on certain government programs, you may qualify for subsidized plans from certain carriers.

If you found a great cell phone plan for your elderly loved ones, share the details with us in  the comments section.


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