Tips for Writing a Memorable Eulogy


Tips for Writing a Memorable Eulogy

Tips For Writing A Memorable Eulogy

Writing a eulogy is never easy – how do you find just the right words to sum up someone’s life? And it can be even harder if you’ve watched old age or disease leave the deceased a shell of the person you once knew. While you might be tempted to hand off the responsibility for the eulogy to someone else, you may later regret it. Sharing your feelings and memories at a funeral is a good way to find closure for your relationship.

Here are a few tips to get you started writing a eulogy.

    • Ask for help. If your loved ones are still alive, ask them what they want you to include (or omit) from their eulogy. If they have already passed, ask a friend or an older relative for a different perspective.

    • Use humor. Funerals are solemn occasions, but there is definitely a place for laughter to break up the tears. Tell a funny story about the deceased.

    • Share memories from their youth. Was Mom the first in the family to graduate college? Did Dad take flying lessons as a young man?

    • Talk about the things they were proudest of and their accomplishments. Maybe Mom had an award winning garden. Or Dad devoted a lot of his time to charity.

    • Respect their religion. If the deceased was very devout, offering prayers or mentioning their god is perfectly acceptable. But if they didn’t subscribe to religion, your personal beliefs have no place in your remarks.

    • Talk about love – your love for them and their love for you and the rest of their family. After all, that is why you are here today.

    • Let others speak. Give mourners a chance to share their own memories.

Whatever you decide to say, make sure it comes from your heart, and it will help you in the process of grieving for your loved one.


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