Get Packing: Vacation Time for Caregivers


Get Packing: Vacation Time for Caregivers

Get Packing – Vacation Time For Caregivers

Summertime means travel time for a lot of families. Vacations, visiting friends and relatives can all pose a dilemma for those who are acting as primary caregivers for an elderly loved one. What are the options for the caregiver when they want to take a much-deserved trip?

The first “go-to” option is to trade time with other family members. Ask them to act as the primary caregiver. Sometimes this option causes guilt because the person feels like they are “inconveniencing” someone else and shirking their responsibilities. But taking care of a disabled person is every family member’s responsibility. Plan ahead and work out a schedule that is fair to everyone.

But what if you don’t have family members to depend on? Another option for the primary caregiver who wants to get away is to hire a temporary in-home caregiver. For instance, SYNERGY HomeCare is a company that will provide someone to help care for and be a companion to the disabled, seniors, veterans, those recovering from surgery and even new mothers. Make sure the caregivers work for a reputable company that trains and screens employees. In-home care can be a trustworthy source of help and respite.

How about taking your disabled relative with you as you travel? After all, you may want to give your relative a change of scenery too. This can be complicated, especially if it requires plane or train trips. But again, a company like SYNERGY HomeCare can provide assistance at the airport on both ends of the flight and can give you the confidence to take your disabled relative with you.

Summer time is a time to catch some relaxation. Getting help from family members or an in-home care service, can give you the downtime that you really need.

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