Planning to Visit Your Elderly Parents What to Know Before You Go


Planning to Visit Your Elderly Parents? What to Know Before You Go

Visiting Your Elderly Parents


Long distance caregiving is a lot easier in the age of the internet. Caregivers can pay bills online, check in via Skype and search for services in their loved one’s area. Still, there will be times when you want to visit your parents to see for yourself how they are doing.

Before you buy a plane ticket or plan that long car trip, here’s what you need to know to make the most of your visit:


  • Schedule appointments in advance.

Does mom or dad need to visit the doctor? Does their car need service?


  • Allow for time to go through their mail and newspapers.

It may take longer than you think, especially if they have allowed it to pile up for a few months.


  • Observe your parents carefully to see if they are taking care of themselves.
  • Are they bathing regularly? Dressing appropriately for the weather? Taking their medications? Eating properly?
  • Check to see what improvements need to be made around the house.

Do the gutters need cleaning? Do light bulbs or smoke detector batteries need to be replaced? Are all the household appliances working properly? Are there safety improvements that could be made around the house?


  • See if they are able to keep up with the household chores – including the yardwork.

If your parents are having trouble cleaning up around the house or problems keeping the grass cut, talk to them about hiring someone to help.


  • Take them shopping for household or personal items.

Do they need new sheets or towels? How about pajamas? Ask them if there’s anything else they want.


  • Don’t forget to have fun.

Spend time visiting and catching up on their lives. Take them out to eat. Enjoy their company.

If you can’t visit as often as you like, the caregivers at SYNERGY Homecare can help. The services they provide include transportation, housework, shopping and preparing meals, and running errands. For more information, click here to find the SYNERGY Homecare location closest to your parents.


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