5 Things to Ask Your Elderly Parents Before It is Too Late


5 Things to Ask Your Elderly Parents Before It is Too Late

5 Things To Ask Your Elderly Parents Before It ’s Too Late 


Talking about death is never easy. If you have loved ones who are close to the end of their lives, it can be even more uncomfortable. Many people put off these conversations until it is too late, and then regret it.

Before your elderly parents pass away, make sure you get the answers to these five questions:

    1. Where do you want to die?” Some people feel strongly about dying at home rather than in the hospital. They may wanted to be surrounded by friends and family, or alone with their spouse.

    2. “What kind of funeral do you want?”People near the end of their lives have spent time thinking about this. Ask them if they want an open or closed casket, or if they want to be cremated. They may also want to choose some of the hymns and prayers for the service.

    3. “Where do you want to be buried?”At 85-years-old Bill still remembers how his mother felt guilty when she couldn’t visit her mother’s grave. For this reason he told his daughter that it was important he be cremated and his ashes scattered at the beach.

    4. “Are there any personal items you would like to leave to a particular person?”Joan’s will divided her assets equally among her children but she wanted to make sure her diamond ring went to the daughter-in-law whose husband couldn’t afford to buy her an engagement ring.

    5. “Do you have a living will, and/or a healthcare power-of-attorney?” A living will lets doctors know if you want life-prolonging medical treatment. A healthcare power-of-attorney names someone to make health care decisions if you can’t speak for yourself.

While these questions are not easy to ask, having this conversation will help give your loved one peace of mind that their wishes will be carried out after they are gone.


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