Is Caring For Your Loved One Making You Sick?

Is Caring For Your Loved One Making You Sick 


Your parents cared for you when you were a child, but now that you’re grown, it’s time for you to take care of them. That makes you one of more than 65 million Americans, mainly women, who provide care for elderly, ill or disabled family members. If that wasn’t demanding enough, most of these women also have jobs, spouses and children to worry about.

It’s not surprising that 75% of caregivers report feeling stressed out by all this responsibility. And if that stress isn’t properly managed, it can lead to burnout, depression or even substance abuse.

Here’s how you can cope:

    • Learn more about the disease affecting your loved one. Knowing what to expect will mentally prepare you for the challenges to come.

    • Join a caregiver support group. Sometimes just talking to people with similar concerns is a big relief.

    • Stay healthy. Schedule regular checkups with your doctor.

    • Exercise. Whether walking or doing yoga, exercise is a great stress buster.

    • Eat regular meals, and get enough sleep. Everything is more difficult when you are hungry or tired.

    • Take regular breaks. Schedule time every week to do something you enjoy.

    • Most importantly – ASK FOR HELP. Recognize what a big job you have taken on, and don’t feel guilty that you can’t do everything yourself.

Caregivers from SYNERGY Homecare are a great respite resource when you need a much-needed break. They will drive Mom to her doctor’s appointments or spend an afternoon with Dad and make sure he eats lunch and takes his medication. They can even stay overnight so you can take a vacation.

Just remember, taking care you yourself will help you do a better job of taking care of those you love.        


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