Seniors can derive a great deal of benefit from having pets.


How can pets help seniors?

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Seniors who have furry companions can find many benefits from these relationships. Particularly for seniors who now live alone, pets can provide vital companionship in addition to any companion care the senior is receiving. Friendships with pets can be important throughout our lives, but living alone as a senior can make warm feelings for a pet even more important. Those who are still able to complete activities like walking the dog and feeding the cat can also find themselves feeling more active with the knowledge that another life depends on them. After all, dogs don't let you stay in bed all day!

If your parent is considering companion care or in-home senior care, it's important to keep his or her pets in mind too. What is your parent's activity and ability level? Is it possible to keep pets? How would the caregiver feel about his or her client having a pet? When making this decision, it's also a good idea to remember just how good pets can be for seniors. Dogs and cats don't worry about tomorrow - they're creatures of the present moment, which can be inspiring and comforting for seniors. For those who may not be able to care for a dog or cat any longer, even having a pleasantly arranged fish tank to look at may prove healing.




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