3 common causes of Alzheimer's wandering

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Providers of home dementia care often struggle with a common Alzheimer's and dementia symptom called wandering. When a person with the condition wanders off, it can be dangerous and very upsetting for both the senior and his or her caregiver. If you're looking for ways to manage this problem, it's a good idea to understand some of the possible causes. Here are some of the reasons your senior clients may be wandering:

1. Unfamiliar or confusing surroundings
Seniors who suffer from dementia often become disoriented, especially in unfamiliar, noisy or busy surroundings. This can lead to panic, paranoia or a feeling that they need to escape and find familiar surroundings.

2. Restlessness
Often, wandering is caused by something as simple as boredom or restlessness. Try to go on walks, exercise and keep your dementia clients entertained in other ways if they're prone to wandering off.

3. Delusions
Alzheimer's or another form of dementia can sometimes cause seniors to have delusions or revert to another time in their life. If that's the case, it's possible they're wandering because they believe they have tasks they need to be doing or places they need to go. For instance, a senior with dementia may leave the house to pick up his or her kids from daycare - even though the senior's children are adults.


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