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SYNERGY HomeCare's Elder Elves

'Tis the season when caregivers from SYNERGY HomeCare turn into Elders' Elves.

SYNERGY Home Care Elder Elves Paul Fisher Schaumburg IL

From shopping, gift wrapping, cooking and even decorating, the Elders' Elves are heading out for the holidays to help local seniors who can’t deck the halls like they used to. Families are so busy this time of year; they need these elves to keep their seniors active, engaged and independent this holiday season.

In many cases, seniors don't have family members who live close enough to help them with holiday preparations. The SYNERGY HomeCare Elders' Elves help seniors with everything on their lists from gift wrap to Google - and they are a heck of a lot closer to home than the North Pole!

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How about a free gift from all of us here at SYNERGY HomeCare?

Do you know someone in your life that needs a little help during the busy holiday season? Maybe you're reading this now and you could use some assistance in your own home to tidy up, make meals or just have a caring someone around the house.

Let SYNERGY HomeCare extend the care and compassion you have for your loved ones to those who mean the most to you. Give us a call for your FREE in-home care assessment. There is no obligation and we're standing by for your call.

Give us a call, we can be reached 24 hours a day (877) 432-2692.

Here'sanother free gift! Download our Guide to Elder Caregiving >

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