Vitamin D has many health benefits.


Research finds links between vitamin D and brain health

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Vitamin D has many health benefits and is often recommended as a natural way to promote bone and joint health. Recent research has found that it can actually affect a person's healthy brain function as well. Recent studies have found that vitamin D could play a role in the production of serotonin, which is a chemical that helps the brain maintain balanced moods. While the research has mainly focused on fetal development, vitamin D has long been known to be an extremely important health booster for seniors. If you provide at-home senior care, here's what you should know about how vitamin D can benefit seniors' health:

Reduces the risk of disease
Research has linked vitamin D to a lower risk of developing many health concerns, primarily bone and joint issues like osteoporosis and arthritis. It's also been found to lower seniors' risk factors for more serious disease, including diabetes, heart disease, multiple sclerosis and depression. Vitamin D can even reduce stress, improve skin health and lead to an overall better sense of wellbeing. 

If you provide in-home elder care, there are a couple of main ways to make sure your clients are getting enough vitamin D. Sunlight is the No. 1 best way to help the body produce more vitamin D. It can also be found in many foods, including salmon and some other seafood. If you don't think your clients are getting enough vitamin D, you may want to consider talking to their doctors about daily supplements.


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