Art therapy is beneficial for seniors.


Why should you provide clients with art therapy?

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Having a creative outlet is always beneficial, especially for clients of senior care services. Since many of these individuals may be retired, providing them with different ways to use their brain is important, and being creative gives them a chance to have some fun.

Art therapy has been proven effective by many studies as an outlet for older adults because it helps seniors relax, enjoy themselves while they create something and cope with illnesses like dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Here are some ways you can include art therapy in elderly home care services:

    • Have clients paint pictures with watercolors on canvases or paper
    • Provide clients with clay to mold and create sculptures
    • Invest in a pottery wheel so clients can make vases, mugs or bowls
    • Spend an afternoon fingerpainting
    • Play a game in which clients have to draw the word they choose out of a hat
    • Use different tools (colored pencils, markers, paints, etc) and discuss which ones your client prefers and why
    • Let clients cut out pictures they like from magazines and make a collage
    • Have clients paint or draw a self-portrait
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