4 ways for seniors to cool down fast


4 ways for seniors to cool down fast

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Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors, soak up the sun and take advantage of the longer daylight hours, but it's important seniors make sure that they don't get overheated. Since older adults are already more susceptible to heat stroke or sun poisoning, higher temperatures can be dangerous. Because of this, it's necessary to remind clients of senior care services about these quick cool-down methods for hot summer days:

Keep a spray bottle: You can suggest that your client keeps a spray bottle full of water in the fridge at all times. When the or she got outside, have them add some ice cubes, and when they begin to feel too hot, he or she canspritz themselves with the cool water.

Grab a shower: Taking a cool shower or bath is another great option. This will help bring down a client's body temperature, but if he or she can't hop in the shower, suggest that the client carry a towel and ice water to soak and drape around his or her neck.

Get out of the heat: This one should seem obvious, but it's always a good idea to remind clients that if it gets too hot outside, they should get out of the hot temperatures. It's best to move to a cooler location, whether it's in the shade or inside where the air conditioner is running.

Relax: If your client enjoys being active, especially outside in the summer, remind them that if he or she gets overheated, it's best to slow down and take it easier. Suggest that they relax, grab some water, find a cool spot and let their body calm down.

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