It's important to maintain meaningful conversation with clients.


How to maintain meaningful conversations with clients

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As a provider of senior care services, it's important for you to make connections with your clients. One of the best ways to do this is through meaningful conversations. With each chat, you'll learn more about the men and women you're caring for, their likes and dislikes and information about any illnesses or issues they experience.

However, with some clients who suffer from cognitive issues, it can be a challenge to make this happen. Here are some tips to keep the connection strong:

Ask engaging questions: It's natural to be curious about other people's lives, so it's OK to let that into your conversation. Be sure to ask your client plenty of questions (but don't interrogate them). It's also important to ask open-ended questions instead or yes or no questions. One word answers are sure to stop a conversation quickly, while open-ended answers lead to further conversation topics.

Relate: It's crucial to connect with clients, so try and relate to what they are saying. If you both share a passion, have a similar favorite book or TV show or enjoy the same hobby, it can make a great conversation starter that you'll both be excited to talk about.

Maintain eye contact: Holding eye contact can sometimes be uncomfortable for people, but looking clients in the eye is a non-verbal way to show them you are present in the conversation.

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