Winter Falls Can Cause Hund Injuries


Winter Falls Can Cause Hand Injuries

Unfortunately the risk of falling increases as people age, and during the winter when snow and ice make everything slick, the chances of slipping get even higher.

According to LiveScience, it's normal for people to reach out their hands in order to prevent a fall or catch themselves if they do go down. It's usually an involuntary reaction to brace yourself to avoid hurting a different body part, but this puts all of the force on your arms, hands and wrists, which could lead to a fracture.

Older adults are more susceptible to breaks because aging causes bones to become more brittle. Seniors also often have balance or gait problems, leaving them unsteady on their feet. This is a problem under normal conditions, but when the weather becomes inclement it's important to be aware of what's happening and take precautions.

LiveScience noted that wrist injuries and fractures can vary in severity from sprains to displaced breaks. Just because a person can't move their hand or wrist, it doesn't automatically mean it's broken. It's best to get it examined and it will require ample healing time.

Senior care services can work with older adults using physical therapy to practice balance exercises, so the patients have stronger core muscles and feel more comfortable in the event of a fall. They can also provide tips and information to help avoid getting hurt. If a senior does slip and injure themself, in-home elder care can provide assistance with daily tasks while the individual heals.

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