Two ways to adjust to a new caregiver


Two Ways to Adjust to a New Caregiver

As with any relationship, the one that you or your loved one has with their in-home senior care professional may take time to develop. Because there will likely be an adjustment period, here are a few ways to make that transition run smoothly.

Build a Relationship

In the first few days and weeks following the start of in-home care, it is best for at least one close friend or family member to be present. If someone that you or your loved one trusts is there to watch the procedures and protocols for the new health regimen, it will provide a level of security to the individual.


It is important that you are knowledgeable about the type of care your loved one receives. If you do not understand what a certain caregiving practice will require or are unsure what you need to do to assist with the regimen when the caregiver is not at your home, ask. No question is too small or too silly.

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