Make these poppy pins to wear with your client on Veteran's Day


Make these poppy pins to wear with your client on Veteran's Day

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Poppies have been used to symbolize Veterans' Day since the end of World War I, so a lot of people wear the flowers on Nov. 11 to show respect for those that have served in the military. If you're an at-home senior care provider, you and your client can make these easy poppy pins to wear on this Veteran's Day:

What you'll need

    • A pen
    • Red felt
    • Black felt
    • Needle threaded with black thread
    • Safety pins

First, draw the shapes of poppies onto your red felt. You should draw one larger scalloped circle, one smaller scalloped circle and one small black circle for each poppy pin. Cut the flower shapes out of the felt carefully. Center the black circle into the middle of the smaller red scalloped circle, and center both onto the larger red circle, so that the red circles appear to be petals. Then use your black thread and needle to stitch them all together. Begin in the middle of the black felt, and extend your stitch outward so that it reaches a few millimeters past the outer edge of the black circle. Then return the needle to the center on the back of the pin, and make another stitch the same way. Continue until black lines surround the black circle, extending outward. Sew a safety pin to the back of each flower so that you and your client can pin them to your shirts. 

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