Do these yoga poses to wind down after caregiving.


Do these yoga moves to relax after caregiving

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Caregiving can be mentally, physically and emotionally tiring, so it's important that caregivers take time to regroup and relax when they get alone time. Providers of home care for seniors can use these yoga moves to wind down after a day at work:

Bound angle and reclining bound angle pose
For the bound angle pose, sit with your back straight and your feet touching each other in the butterfly position. Draw your heels as close to your pelvis as possible. For the reclining bound angle, do the same leg position with your back flat on the floor and your arms relaxed at your sides. 

Child's pose
For a common relaxation pose, kneel with your knees beneath you, then lean forward and stretch your hands out in front of you. Your forehead and palms should be touching the floor.

Corpse pose
Lie with your back flat on the floor, your legs a little more than hip's width apart and your arms straight and palms up at your side. For a little extra support try placing a rolled towel under your lower back or knees. 

You can hold these positions as long as you'd like. Remember, breathing is important in yoga, so try to breathe deeply and let your mind calm while doing the poses. 

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