Halloween treats


3 fun Halloween treats to make with your client

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If you're an at-home senior care provider looking for fun activities to do with your clients, get into the Halloween spirit by cooking up something spooky and delicious together. Take a look at these three ideas for a Halloween treat that you and your client can make together:

1. Mummy-style pigs in blankets
For this take on a classic snack food, use hot dogs and crescent rolls or bread sticks. Wrap the cooked dogs with dough, leaving room between for the hot dog to show through, then put them in the oven until the bread is golden brown. Play with different ideas for adding edible eyes, like capers or some black peppercorn.

2. Spooky sandwiches
Use cookie cutters to make your client's favorite sandwich a little more Halloween-themed. Try a ghost-shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwich made out of white bread, and use raisins or peanuts for the ghost's eyes.

3. Spider web pizza
For snack-sized mini pizzas, use round crackers, tomato sauce and cheese sticks to make spider-web crackers! Spread tomato sauce onto the cracker, then arrange strips of the string cheese into a perfect web - then just pop them in the oven until they're warm. If you're feeling adventurous use black olives and mushrooms to create some creepy crawlies that are stuck in the spider's web.

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