Cooking tips for seniors with arthritis

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When clients of senior care services have arthritis, you can see how difficult it can be for them to cook. This debilitating condition can make it hard to hold onto things due to the pain and other physical limitations arthritis can cause. 

If your clients are feeling the pain but don't want to be left out of the kitchen, recommend these tips for cooking with arthritis:

    • Suggest that your clients store pots and pans on wall hooks or from the ceiling. This will prevent your client from needing to bend over to get pots and pans.
    • They may also consider storing flour, sugar and coffee in glass containers that have lightweight lift-off lids.
    • Clients may find it easier on their bodies to sit at the table instead of standing at the counter to do prep work.
    • The padding in a rubber mat can help prevent back and leg pain while standing at the stove.
    • Encourage your clients to purchase an ergonomically designed knife that has a large handle. This will help provide more leverage and stability to maneuver a knife and reduce the risk of suffering an injury.
    • Recommend your client put the ingredients they use more frequently in an easily accessible area. This will keep them from reaching or bending over to grab something they need.
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