4 fast and easy breakfast ideas for seniors


4 fast and easy breakfast ideas for seniors

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At home senior care providers can sometimes struggle to come up with new ideas for quick and healthy meals. If your client is in a breakfast rut, here are four new and easy ideas to get their morning going in the right way:

1. Whole grain waffle with peanut butter
This breakfast tastes good, it can be ready in as little as two minutes and it's perfect if you and your client are on-the-go. Plus, the peanut butter adds some much-needed protein and fiber.

2. Fruit smoothie
Fresh or frozen fruit of your client's choice, yogurt and milk blend easily into a healthy and drinkable breakfast. For more protein and less carbs make the smoothie with Greek yogurt instead.

3. Cheese and tomato sandwich
Simply spread ricotta cheese on bread or a whole grain bagel and then top with sliced tomatoes. You can add a touch of salt for a little more flavor.

4. Cereal parfait
Another portable breakfast if you and your client are going somewhere, this one is super simple. Just add vanilla yogurt to some bran cereal, and toss in some fruit or berries if you want the extra flavor!

Your client should never skip breakfast, but with these quick ideas they won't have to!

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