Concerned family members: it's okay to ask for help


Concerned Family Members: It's Okay to Ask for Help

Having a parent who needs Alzheimer's care is challenging. It demands a lot of physical and emotional energy from you and you'll find yourself giving more and more as the disease progresses. As time goes on, it is easy to feel burnt out and frustrated. While you may feel bad about these feelings, know that this is completely normal and may be a sign that you need to ask family members for more help. Other family members are very likely willing to help you - they may just not know how to help or may not want you to feel offended by  their offer. Here are a few tips for asking family members to help you care for your loved one:

    • Be realistic and honest. When asking for help, be very open and honest about your needs. Letting your family know right up front what you need will help them to determine if they can help and how much time they can realistically give.
    • Consider professional in-home caregivers. Hiring in home care for seniors can help take a lot of the stress off of you. Admitting that you need outside help doesn't mean you are handing over your responsibilities; it's admitting that you want to give your loved one the assistance and attention he or she deserves.
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