Conditions to Look for as you Age


Common Conditions to Look for As You Age

As you age, there are different illnesses and issues to look out for that could be problematic. Although the body changes with age, there's no reason you can't enjoy your life to the fullest while being conscious of your health. Read below for more information about what to expect as you age and how to live a long and happy life. 

Slowed reaction time
Balance and motor skills could be affected by a slowed reaction time. An older person takes longer to process incoming stimuli than a younger person does, so it's important to be careful behind the wheel and take things slow when exercising. If you find that you can no longer operate a vehicle, there are options for home care that will allow you to stay active. 

Loss of memory
Memory can fade with age, but there are ways to keep sharp. Daily crossword puzzles, social activities and exercise can keep you on your toes and prevent the forgetfulness that comes with age. 

Decrease in bone density
Bones and joints thin out in elderly people, causing weakness and a higher chance of fracture. Avoid broken bones by incorporating calcium and vitamin D into your diet. It's also wise to avoid alcohol and smoking, factors that can also increase your chances for lower bone density. 

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